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In whatever way you’re called to serve orphans, we’re here to help.

When you partner with Lifesong, you can find help for your adoption, reach children with holistic, Gospel-centered care locally and globally, and engage your church in God’s call to care for the fatherless.


Find Help for Your Adoption.

Christian families can apply for matching grants, interest-free loans, fundraising support, and a FREE crowdfunding platform, as well as find post-adoption financial assistance. All gifts given through Lifesong are tax-deductible, and 100% of funds go directly toward adoption expenses. Lifesong has supported the adoption of 9,848 children since 2002.


Reach Orphans Globally.

Partner with local leaders to share the Gospel by caring for vulnerable children and preserving families with nutrition programs, education, safe homes, and transition programs. 9,363 children are served each day across 15 countries.


Advocate in Your Community.

Support your local foster care community with The Forgotten Initiative, an advocate ministry of Lifesong. Learn how to build relationships and meet specific needs in your community. Join 30+ advocates serving 100+ agencies across the U.S.


Engage Your Church.

Create financial solutions for adoptive families by starting a no-cost, personalized adoption fund at your church. Or engage in global orphan care projects through mission teams and child sponsorship. Join 536 adoption fund partners in 45 states.


Fuel Ministry through Business.

Create life-changing, community-transforming job opportunities through sustainable business initiatives and impact investing. Lifesong-led businesses have created 439 jobs around the globe, impacting approximately 2,200 individuals.