New Life Program

Reaching at-risk young women in Ukraine


The Facts

  • Thousands of vulnerable young women, many with children, are trapped in a cycle of hopelessness, without anyone to love, protect, or care for them.
  • Within 2 years of aging out of the orphanage system in Ukraine, 70-80% of these vulnerable young adults will become involved in crime or prostitution, or will die from suicide or overdose.


The Need

Your support of this holistic initiative supports the following:

  • Meeting tangible needs of vulnerable young women and their children while fostering lasting relationships
  • Help with medical needs
  • Camps and weekend events to encourage and mentor vulnerable young women and their children
  • Program staff & transportation costs

“I know what it is like to be an orphan as I went through the system and understand the void they have. God has been preparing me since my time in the orphanage … forming my heart for this calling.” NatashaNew Life Program Founder


New Life Program Needs

Salaries(2) $500/mo
Transportation(2) $700/mo
Visitation Supplies for vulnerable girls $1,200/mo
Visitation Supplies for single mothers & kids $1,500/mo
Medical Supplies $600/mo
Church Events $1,000/mo
Camps & Weekend Events $2,000/mo
Monthly total for New Life Program $7,500/mo

Annual Needs



Your gift ensures that these women and children will continue to be nurtured in a safe, loving environment.