Serving Children in Zambia

At a glance:

Known as the Republic of Zambia, this country is landlocked in Southern Africa.

Ongoing challenges include:

  • rural poverty and high unemployment
  • lack of access to clean water
  • lack of adequate sanitation
  • increased risk of teenage pregnancy


So, in the face of these and other harsh realities in Zambia,

the Lifesong team currently reaches over 900 children. With your help, we provide holistic care and education. And—most importantly—we share the good news of the Gospel. And these children know they are loved.

Specifically, our students range in age from preschool through the 13th grade. Each one receives all learning materials, quality instruction, medical care, two daily meals, and discipleship. All at no cost to them or their families. 

Nearly 100% of our students in Zambia pass their National Exams. Praise God!

Additionally, Lifesong Vocational School instructs recent grads. Classes include auto mechanics, agriculture, and food production. So for students who can’t attend University, this is a critical way to gain employable skills.

Finally, thank you for loving and supporting the kids in Zambia!


Population: 17,459,781

Capital: Lusaka, Zambia

Religion: Protestant (75.3%), Roman Catholic (20.2%)

Language: Bembe (33.4%), Nyanja (14.7%), Tonga (11.4%), Lozi (5.5%)

Percent of people living on less than $3.10/day: 78.9%


Ministry Overview


Specifically, our goal is to grow Christ-centered, loving, financially responsible families, provide transitional living for our graduates to ease them into independent living, and create employment opportunities.


Areas of Focus

Here is how we have worked with you since 2007 to reach orphans in Zambia.

We are committed to raising the future leaders of Zambia through educational excellence and biblical truth. We purpose to love the children we reach through Bible-based curriculum, opportunities for praise and worship, Christ-centered home life for our boarding students, and many opportunities for Christian missionaries and staff to mentor and disciple each child.

We challenge our children with a high standard of excellence in education. We invest in our teaching staff through educational advancement, seminars, and conferences. Together, we have achieved higher test scores than most of the other schools in our region.

The most vulnerable children in our care are given a safe and loving home environment with Christian house parents. There they receive a safe place to live, study, and learn responsibility under the discipleship and care of a Christian family.

One of the goals we have for the children in our care is to teach them the importance of giving back. Through food and clothing distribution to volunteering at clinics, our students learn how to help others in need within their community. Through Parents and Teachers Associations we work with community leaders to ensure we are providing the best education for our students.

Our commercial strawberry farm serves as a means to train our children, employ orphan caregivers, and produce profits that help fund the ministry. Through advancements like hydroponics–along with approaches that include permaculture and Farming God’s Way–we aim to give our kids a multi-faceted education that equips them to succeed in an area that economists describe as the future breadbasket of the world. Also, our ministry partner in Kitwe sells coffee and freshly baked goods at Roast Cafe where the proceeds help fund the ministry. If the goods don’t sell same day, we donate them to feed various ministry partners, as well as children living on the streets. Located on the same property as the cafe, the Lifesong Lodge is a recently renovated guest house that provides accommodations for work teams and guests from the public. As with the cafe, the proceeds go to help fund the ministry.

In keeping with our commitment to send our children prepared for adulthood, we offer a vocational school with programming in career fields like mechanics and agriculture.

Stories and Updates

October 17

Raising the Next Generation of Farm Leaders: Dorothy’s Story

Dorothy’s father passed away before she and her twin brother were born. This left her mother—just two months pregnant—as the family’s sole provider. Tasked with the responsibility of raising her eight children in Zambia, Dorothy’s mother couldn’t get a job. …Read More

September 26

Sarah, Grade 9, Dreams of Becoming a Doctor. But Is It Possible?

Meet Sarah, a student at Lifesong School in Zambia. Sarah and her three siblings live with both of their parents in Musonda Compound, a community not far from Lifesong School. Unfortunately, Musonda Compound has an especially high rate of poverty; …Read More

June 27

From Tragedy to Triumph: Meet Margaret

Margaret is an employee at Baluba Valley Farm. Walk into the Farm Shop, and you’ll be greeted with a kind smile from Margaret. Her job is to sell fresh milk, produce, meat, and other groceries to the local community. Additionally, …Read More

May 3

When Kids Go to School in Zambia

For years, you’ve faithfully loved and served orphans and vulnerable kids in Zambia, so we’re excited to share what God is doing with your support. Here’s what’s happening— First, an introduction. The large Chipata Compound near Kitwe is marked by …Read More

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“The greatest proof of Christ is changed lives. There are so many instances of changed lives in the stories of the Lifesong children here in Zambia that our Lord Jesus is truly on parade!”

–Brent BakerDirector