Serving Children in Ukraine


Even prior to the current conflict in Ukraine, millions of children and adults have lived in poverty. From 2015–2019, it looked like poverty was declining. In 2020, however—due to the global pandemic—poverty again rose dramatically. In Ukraine, families with children are at greatest risk for poverty.

During peaceful times, an estimated 250 children entered the orphanage system daily. While many more children live on the streets.

So today, as conflicts continue, kids continue to bear the brunt of the crisis in Ukraine. They’re at greatest risk for malnutrition, abuse, trafficking, or serious illness.

Located in eastern Europe, Ukraine is the second largest country after Russia.

Population: 43,802, 909

Capital: Kiev, located on the Dnieper River in the north-central part of the country

Religion: Ukrainian Orthodox, Ukrainian Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish

Language: Ukrainian (67.5%) and Russian (29.6%)

Statistically speaking, within 2 years of leaving the orphanage, 80% of orphan graduates become involved in drugs, crime, or prostitution. Many end up in jail, or commit suicide. And sadly, it’s understandable. Without adequate support or education, many of these young people lack the basic skills to get jobs. Additionally, they can’t find housing, or protect themselves in vulnerable situations.

But there is hope.

For orphan grads, especially, Christian mentorship can make all the difference.


Ministry Overview

We work to break the orphan cycle through the love and truth of the Gospel.

Through several ministry outlets, we seek to reach children—not only while they are living in the orphanage—but also as they transition into adult life, since orphan graduates are some of the most vulnerable people in Ukraine.


Areas of Focus

Here's how we have worked with you since 2001 to reach orphans in Ukraine.

We offer year-round camps for orphaned and vulnerable kids to learn about God through fun and age-appropriate activities, like equine-assisted therapy and all kinds of sports. All camp counselors are Lifesong staff and Christian volunteers. Ultimately, our hope is to foster future connections and offer Gospel-centered support as these kids transition into adulthood.


Through our “Constant Christian Presence” program (CCP), our team goes into orphanages and offers after-school classes for the kids’ social, emotional, and spiritual upbringing. We offer one-on-one and group discipleship while teaching crafts, music, Bible lessons, sports, English lessons, cooking classes, and job skill training.


 Staff in Ukraine formed the “Lifesong National Adoption Club” to offer sustained support for families considering adoption. Over 250 children have been placed into loving, Christian homes through their ministry assistance. Learn more.


Young adults often age out of the orphanage with little to no idea what they’ll do next. Our transition homes are a safe place for these graduates to grow in their independence and, more importantly, their faith. The family setting is filled with group and personal discipleship so they can build firm relationships with God and other believers.


We strive to create life skills and meaningful jobs for our orphan grads as well as cover the costs of our ministry work in Ukraine through Lifesong Farms. As a profitable business, we can employ graduates, provide mentorship, and promote life skills that will carry them into a brighter future.


 Statistics show a large number of crisis families in Ukraine. We use this opportunity to provide legal advice, financial assistance, and Christan mentorship, paving the way for long-term solutions. 


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“It is all worth it. Every day and every challenge is well worth it! Praise the Lord for allowing us to see the ripple effect and the fruit here in Ukraine. Thank you for being involved in the work that changes lives.”

Denis PoshelokDirector