Adoption without borders


We link like-minded families and churches in the USA with Christian families in Ukraine who are seeking to adopt in-country.

Consider This
  • Approximately 153 million orphans world-wide are trapped in a cycle of hopelessness without anyone to love, protect, or care for them.
  • Adoptive families all over the world are waiting to bring their children home, but are lacking the finances to do so.
What You Can Do
  • Help lift the financial barrier of a Ukraine adoption for a Ukrainian family.
  • Adoption fees in the United States can total thousands of dollars. But adoption fees for a Ukrainian family to adopt a Ukrainian child?–$500.


Annual Needs – $60,000




Why Participate?

The body of Christ is equipped to help bring children into these Christian families, regardless of their geographical location or church affiliation. Would you help reach more children together than each church is able to alone?

Denis Poshelock and our Lifesong Ukraine team have assisted Ukrainian families in adopting (or life-long fostering) hundreds of children. Excellent pre- and post-adoption training and support is in place, and positive relationships with state-run orphanages, local government, the courts, and local churches are well-established, putting the children in the best possible situation to thrive.

Share a PDF with your church

How can you get involved?

Contact Rich Metcalfe at sharing your desire to be involved.


Summer National Adoption Conference

Lifesong Ukraine hosts a semi-annual National Adoption Conference at their camp location to encourage Ukrainian families who have or are in the process of adopting. At the last conference, 20 families attended, and they brought their children–62 total! Though the event requires a lot of work, it is a joyful time for everyone involved! Along with events such as horse riding, games, and crafts for the children, parents receive invaluable training from Empowered to Connect.