Lifesong Legacy Planning

What kind of legacy will you leave?

When faced with this question, Vim and Sarah Head found the answer relatively simple. As former foster parents and passionate orphan advocates, God connected them to Lifesong as Legacy Partners.

In their words, “We have the opportunity to make a Legacy Gift while we are living, and see the joy of that gift today, which is planting trees for vulnerable kids to enjoy the shade of for many years to come.” 

See how Vim and Sarah are creating something that will outlive them… 

Plan By Default

Each one of us already has an estate plan. It is a plan by default, a government plan. The catch is: governments do not know who we are—our faith, our principles, our ethics, our devotion to our families. In the default government plan, hard-earned assets can be unnecessarily taxed, leaving heirs or charities we care about with little to nothing.

Plan By Design

You have the power to protect what God has entrusted to you and direct your estate in a way that preserves your values. Careful legacy planning, designed yourself with the help of financial and legal counsel, can protect you from income erosion due to capital gains taxes, can increase your spendable lifetime income, and can honor your family.

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