Healing House

for Aged-Out Youth in South Korea

For over 16 years, our ministry partner, Oak Tree Project (OTP), has been mentoring and discipling children living in orphanages in South Korea. As these children age out of government care, we help provide a committed mentor, a family atmosphere, and financial support to help them transition into adulthood. 

Graduating from an orphanage or government care into adult living can be especially scary and unpredictable. Depression and suicide are the greatest dangers for teens aging out. Without the support of a family, these young adults are also at a significantly increased risk of homelessness, trafficking, substance abuse, crime, early pregnancy, or incarceration.

At Lifesong, we’re dedicated to helping each child we serve experience continued love and support while transitioning into adult living. Beyond helping them succeed while in our care, we want to give them the skills and tools to thrive as independent, Christ-centered leaders.

This is especially critical in the lives of orphans we serve in South Korea. In Korean culture, it is commonly believed that the blood relationship of a parent with their child is the most important relationship of all. For this reason, orphans can be denied jobs or marriage because of their background. Even many social welfare workers and Christians in Korea hold fast to this belief, and adoption is extremely rare. According to the culture, family is only meant for those related by blood.

So what happens to these children once they age out of the orphanage—the only safe place they’ve known?

After graduating from high school and leaving the orphanage, the government lends them a small amount of money for limited, low-income housing. The transition from orphanage to independent living is abrupt. Most of these children have never experienced a stable home life and lack basic household skills, like cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry. Due to strict laws, each orphan must live alone, and with no family or roommates, their greatest struggle is loneliness.

When I was at the orphanage, all I could think about was killing myself. [After the orphanage, while living with a mentor, it was her] love that started to change me, and the people God has sent into my life have become the reason I want to live.

Jojo, Orphanage Graduate

In a society where orphans are devalued and forced to conceal their background, our ministry partner, Oak Tree Project, is proclaiming God’s truth that every child—no matter their background—is valuable and loved. 


6,000 young adults age out of South Korean orphanages every year. Your support helps them access a Healing House.

A Healing House for young orphanage graduates is needed as a place of refuge they can live temporarily and visit for gatherings and mentorship.

While the team’s personal homes currently serve this purpose, they are small and can only host one to two young adults. A larger space will allow us to impact more young adults and hold larger gatherings.

This Healing House would provide safe housing for young adults in transition or fighting depression with nowhere to go, helping them:

  • Find Acceptance
  • Feel Valued
  • Receive Encouragement
  • Learn Life Skills
  • Experience Discipleship


May we invite you to give today to help provide a Healing House?

The total cost to provide a 4-bedroom, 2-bath Healing House in Seoul is $750,000.

Right now, generous partners are matching all gifts to the Healing House up to $300,000 by August 15, 2022. This means, together, we have the opportunity to bring Gospel-centered care to twice as many orphans in South Korea.

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Yes! Match my gift to help give orphanage graduates a place to experience family and receive the love of Christ.

100% of your gift will directly help children in need. Thanks to TMG Foundation and key partners, all of our fundraising and administrative costs are covered.